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5 Foundation Repair Techniques You Should Know Memphis, TN

If you’ve noticed any of the following issues in your home; cracks on walls, uneven floors or doors that no longer close properly – then it’s likely time to take action and repair your foundation. However, what is the most suitable method for such a task?

To answer this question, we have put together an informative blog post exploring some of the key popular foundation repair methods available so that you can make an informed decision about which one is the most ideal for

Piering Method

Piering is a widely-used foundation repair solution to address settling or sinking foundations. To do so, piers of two varying types are inserted into the ground: helical and push piers. Helicals prove ideal for lighter loads in small structures, installed swiftly due to their screw design; whereas push piers – better suited for heavier load bearing capabilities – require hydraulic equipment for deeper soil insertion.

Slabjacking Method

Slabjacking is an effective and popular method used to help remedy sinking or settling foundations. By injecting a mixture of cement and other materials under the foundation, it lifts and levels it back up again. This technique has proven successful in resolving foundation settlement issues.

Basement Wall Repair Method

Are you seeing cracks in your basement walls? Then it’s time for basement wall repair. You can get the structure of your walls strengthened with carbon fiber strips to stop further fracturing from occurring. Carbon fiber is a robust and lightweight material that can be simply attached to the existing structure, keeping everything secure!

Foundation Replacement Method

When your foundation becomes too damaged to repair, replacing it may be the only solution. Though costly and involved, this approach of removing what remains of the old base and constructing another in its place can often times restore foundations that are no longer salvageable through repairs

Grouting Method

When it comes to foundation repair, grouting is a widely-used and effective method. This technique entails injecting a combination of cement and other materials into the soil under your foundation in order to fill any voids or gaps, thus stabilizing the ground beneath like nothing else can! Grouting is suitable for both residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

Now you may be wondering which solution is best suited for your particular situation – luckily, this depends on the type and severity of your problem at hand. For minor settling or sinking, piering and slabjacking can be the ultimate solution. However, more critical problems, such as foundation collapse or major cracking, might require a complete foundation replacement to fix them properly.

To find out which method is best for your particular situation, it’s important to consult a professional foundation repair company who will assess the damage and provide you with an effective and cost-efficient solution.

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