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When you are experiencing crawl space flooding in your home there are a few possible causes. Read more about the causes and solutions we have to restore and protect your home. Our experts would be happy to provide a free evaluation to determine the actual causes and share solutions to your issues.

What You Need to Know About Crawl Space Flooding

Water in your crawlspace can create significant problems under your home like mold, mildew, rot, structural damage, and various health problems.

Professional crawlspace waterproofing can help you repair the damage, prevent long-lasting damage, increase the value of your home, and keep your family safe and healthy.

Crawl Space Flooding

Recognizing the Signs of Crawl Space Flooding

Other than visible flooding and pooling of water, there are a few telltale signs that you have flooding in your crawlspace including:

Signs of Crawl Space Flooding

Causes of Crawl Space Flooding

If your crawl space is consistently flooded, a number of factors may be at play. Addressing these issues involves inspecting your home’s foundation, ensuring gutters and downspouts are clear, and possibly installing a sump pump to manage excess water. There are several circumstances that cause flooding in your crawlspace, including:

  • Weather and Overflowing Rivers

  • Broken Water Lines

  • Improper Landscape Grading

  • Gutter and Downspout Issues

  • Sprinkler Issues

encapsulated crawlspace

Solving Your Crawl Space Flooding Issues

If you have water in your crawl space, we suggest calling an expert right away. At DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts, we propose a variety of solutions tailored to eliminate the water from your property and keep it dry! Some of these solutions include:

Our team of experts would be pleased to evaluate your flooded crawl space, provide a free analysis to identify the problem’s source, offer solutions to rectify it, and supply a quote.

Please fill out the form or give us a call today to prevent your issues from getting any worse!

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Our Crawl Space Repair Experts Are Here to Find the Best Solutions

Get the results you deserve when you choose DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals brings their experience and know-how with them on every job, giving you peace of mind that the job was done right.

Crawl Space Flood Repair Near You

DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts is available across the greater Memphis, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Northeast Arkansas, and Northwest Georgia regions. We specialize in addressing crawl space flooding, a common issue in these areas, especially after significant rainfall.

Our extensive expertise in flooded crawl space repair and preventative solutions makes us your top choice for tackling flooding under your house. Click below to explore more areas we service, or get in touch with us today to book your free inspection!

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