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Wall Cracks in Your Home

When you are experiencing wall cracks in your home there are a few possible causes. Read more about the causes and solutions we have to restore and protect your home. Our experts would be happy to provide a free evaluation to determine the actual causes and share solutions to your issues.

What You Need to Know About Wall Cracks

Wall cracks come in various types, including horizontal or vertical cracks running the length of the wall, stair-step cracks, and diagonal cracks in corners around doors and windows. Foundation wall cracks are generally caused by the natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, foundation settlement, and expansive soils. Though a small crack may not be cause for concern, any significant crack could indicate structural problems with your foundation.

Cracks in your poured concrete basement or crawl space walls that allow water to come in when it rains are a red flag that something isn’t right with your home’s foundation.

By catching and addressing issues with your foundation early, you may be able to avoid expensive structural repair altogether.

Wall Cracks in Your Home

What Do Wall Cracks Mean?

Wall cracks are not a good indicator or a healthy It is best to monitor these cracks closely and seek professional help before further expensive damage occurs.

Horizontal cracks:

Horizontal cracks indicate a serious issue that must be addressed right away! The soil surrounding your foundation is pushing in and forcing the walls in. If left alone, the wall will crack and develop into a bowed wall. If not addressed, this can cause the wall to collapse eventually.

Vertical cracks:

Vertical cracks can be found on foundation walls of all ages. They are mostly non-structural and caused by the normal shrinking of concrete as it cures.

Stair-Step Cracks:

Stair-Step cracks indicate that your home is settling unevenly. This type of settling is often caused by unstable soil under your home’s foundation, which can cause additional issues like drywall cracks or nail pops and should be evaluated.

How To Fix Wall Cracks – the Right Way

Solving issues with wall cracks depends on the cause of the crack.

  • Foundation piers are a good solution for settling foundations in weaker soils, as they provide an extra level of support for the home.

  • Support Jacks can help fix cracks in walls are caused by sagging crawl spaces.

  • Helical pier tieback wall anchors grip or anchor the inside surface of the wall to counter the pressure and force put on them by the soil outside the walls

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement banding uses carbon fiber strips to reinforce and stabilize your walls without requiring any outside excavation.

Our team of expert at Delta Foundation Specialist would be happy to take a look at your wall cracks and provide you with a free evaluation to determine the root of the issue, share solutions to fix it, and give you a quote.

Please fill out the form or give us a call today to prevent your issues from getting any worse!

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