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Experiencing wall cracks in your Memphis home can be concerning. Our team at DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts can decipher the various causes of these issues and provide comprehensive crack repair solutions. We offer free evaluations to accurately identify the causes of these cracks and deliver appropriate remedies.

Understanding Foundation and Wall Cracks

Wall cracks may present themselves in different forms, including vertical or horizontal lines running along the wall, stair-step cracks, and diagonal fractures around doors and windows. These foundation wall cracks are usually attributable to the natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, foundation settlement, and expansive soils. However, a seemingly minor crack could also be the first sign of significant structural issues with your foundation.

Cracks that appear in your poured concrete foundation or crawl space walls, particularly those that let in water during rains, are a clear indication that your home’s foundation requires attention.

With early detection and swift intervention from our foundation crack repair specialists, you can potentially avert costly structural repairs and safeguard your home’s stability.

Wall Cracks in Your Home

What Do Wall Cracks Mean?

Wall cracks, particularly foundation wall cracks, often signal a structural issue that should not be overlooked. Both visible and hidden wall cracks deserve attention as they can lead to significant, costly damage if left unchecked. Understanding what these cracks imply is critical to safeguarding the structure and health of your Memphis home.

Horizontal cracks:

Horizontal foundation cracks are often a sign of severe complications and require immediate attention. The pressure from the soil surrounding your foundation can lead to these types of basement wall cracks, which can evolve into a more threatening issue — a bowed wall. Ignoring these signs can lead to wall collapse over time.

Vertical cracks:

Vertical cracks often appear in foundation walls of all ages, typically due to the natural shrinking of concrete as it cures. While these basement wall cracks are generally non-structural and not immediately worrisome, they should still be monitored and professionally repaired to prevent further damage.

Stair-Step Cracks:

Stair-Step cracks are a clear indication of uneven settling in your home. Often caused by unstable soil beneath your home’s foundation, they could lead to additional issues like drywall cracks or nail pops. It’s important to have a thorough evaluation by foundation crack repair experts such as DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts.

How To Fix Wall Cracks – the Right Way

Solving issues with wall cracks depends on the cause of the crack.

  • Foundation piers are a good solution for settling foundations in weaker soils, as they provide an extra level of support for the home.

  • Support Jacks can help fix cracks in walls are caused by sagging crawl spaces.

  • Helical pier tieback wall anchors grip or anchor the inside surface of the wall to counter the pressure and force put on them by the soil outside the walls

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement banding uses carbon fiber strips to reinforce and stabilize your walls without requiring any outside excavation.

Our team of experts at DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts would be happy to take a look at your wall cracks and provide you with a free evaluation to determine the root of the issue, share solutions to fix it, and give you a quote.

Please fill out the form or give us a call today to prevent your issues from getting any worse!

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Achieve the high-quality results your home deserves with our specialized services in foundation and wall crack repairs. As a team of highly skilled professionals, DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts provides expertise in repairing basement wall cracks, foundation wall cracks, and other wall cracks at wallet-friendly prices.

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