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Sagging Basement Floors

When you are experiencing a sagging basement floor there are a few possible causes. Read more about the causes and solutions we have to restore and protect your home. Our experts would be happy to provide a free evaluation to determine the actual causes and share solutions to your issues.

What You Need to Know About Sagging Basements

Your home’s basement is the foundation of your home’s structural support. Bearing the weight of the rooms above means damage and decay can significantly impact your home and your safety. A sagging basement is a good indicator that there is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. 

Inadequate support, decay due to mold and water issues, or sinking because of soil settlement can all compromise your basement. 

Signs Your Sagging Basement Floor May Need Repairs

  • Uneven Flooring
  • Efflorescence
  • Increased Humidity in the Basement
  • Flooring Material Damage
  • Odors
  • Changes in Flooring Color
  • Mold Growth
sagging basement floor

What To Do If You Have A Sagging Basement

There are a variety of ways we can help repair sagging basement floors. Read more about some common solutions below and give us a call for a custom consultation!

Pier and Beam Support

This method is used for more significant sagging issues. It involves installing supports, such as steel piers or beams, underneath the sagging floor. These supports are anchored into the ground and used to lift and stabilize the floor. This method is often used in situations where the sagging is due to foundation settlement or soil issues.

Subfloor Reinforcement

This involves reinforcing the subfloor from below, often by adding additional joists or beams. This method can also include the installation of “sister” joists, which are new joists installed alongside the existing ones to provide additional support.

Basement Dehumidifier System

A basement dehumidifier system is a robust solution designed to specifically address the high humidity levels often found in basements. These systems are more powerful than standard room dehumidifiers and are engineered to work efficiently in the cooler temperatures commonly found in basements.

Interior Basement Waterproofing System

An Interior Basement Waterproofing System is a comprehensive solution designed to effectively manage and prevent water seepage in basements. This method is particularly useful when external waterproofing is not feasible due to accessibility or cost concerns. Key components are a drainage system and dehumidification.

What To Do If You Have A Sagging Basement

Our team of pros at DFX Foundation & Waterproofing Experts would be happy to take a look at the sagging basement floor and provide you with a free evaluation to determine the root of the issue, share solutions to fix it, and give you a quote.

Please fill out the form or give us a call today to prevent your issues from getting any worse!

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