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Uneven Floors in Your Home

When you are experiencing uneven floors in your home there are a few possible causes. Read more about the causes and solutions we have to restore and protect your home. Our experts would be happy to provide a free evaluation to determine the actual causes and share solutions to your issues.

What You Need to Know About Uneven Floors

A slight slope or dip in your floors may not seem like a big issue; however, it is a sign of serious structural decay, damage, or movement. Action needs to be taken quickly to prevent further damage, injury, or collapse.

The main causes of uneven floors are settling concrete slabs, foundation heave, and failing crawl space joists. 

Once a floor has been destabilized, it will continue to deteriorate even if the cause of the initial damage has been taken care of. 

Delta Foundations Specialists can help stabilize and level uneven floors, no matter the underlying cause.  

Signs You May Have Uneven Floors

Many people only notice their floors are uneven when they drop something and it rolls away. However, this is often a sign of issues with the foundation, so the sooner they are identified and resolved the better.

Common signs your floor may be uneven include:

  • Separations between the floor and the wall

  • Interior doors jamming or being difficult to open

  • Sections of the floor feeling bouncy or unsupported

  • Floor cracks

Uneven Floors

How To Fix Uneven Floors in Your Home

Concrete leveling is a quick and gentle process without the high cost and interruptions of removing and replacing the slab altogether.

Polyurethane Foam

A Polyurethane Foam compound fills the space or gaps between the slab and the earth it sits on. First, small holes (around ½”) are drilled into the concrete, and polyurethane foam is injected. The foam expands to fill the space and gently lifts the slab level.

    • It is quick

    • It Causes Minimal Disruption

    • It’s Environmentally Friendly

    Jack System

    High-grade galvanized steel support posts, built to be adjusted to any height necessary, are installed underneath the floor joists and raised to their correct position to stabilize and protect your home for years down the road.

    The existing pier blocks are often in good shape and don’t need to be replaced. In that case,  the posts or the deteriorated screw jacks are removed or replaced.

    • It is quick

    • It Causes Minimal Disruption

    • It is Permanent

    • Easily adjustable

    What to Do If You Have Uneven Floors in Your Home

    Our team of experts at Delta Foundation Specialist would be happy to take a look at the uneven floors in your home and provide you with a free evaluation to determine the root of the issue, share solutions to fix it, and give you a quote.

    Please fill out the form or give us a call today to prevent your issues from getting any worse!

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